Lausunto Joutsenmerkin kriteeriehdotuksesta verkkokauppakuljetuksille / The criteria of Nordic Swan Ecolabelled e-commerce logistics

Nordic Swan Ecolabel has asked verdict from the criteria of Nordic Swan Ecolabelled e-commerce logistics. Finnish Transport and Logistics SKAL has read the criteria and tells as its opinion as following.

In generally, SKAL keeps the criterias accectable. SKAL think that it is important to obey all the Regulations which concern transport sector such as driving and resting times. The climate and environmental criterias are obvious but It is also good to have additional criterias such as traffic safety and social requirements.

However SKAL has opinion that the criterias for renewable fuel are too tight and there should be some re-evaluation for example with the raw materials of HVO diesel.

Finnish Transport and Logistics SKALAnssi Kujala             Ari HerralaManaging Director Lobbying Director